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Welcome to the start of this new chapter of YOUR life.

I am so looking forward to embarking this journey with you.

First of all I want to honor you for honoring yourself.

To start with I always encourage my clients to start a new meditation habit during this time.

If you already have a practice, amazing, yet lets find another one.

One I usually refer to is Joe Dispenzas Breaking the Habit of being Yourself.

This book and method is highly effective and its meditations and thoughts will help you in your process.



and for this week I d suggest you create space to listen to this meditiation each morning (or of course when it suits best for you during the day)


A Room of One’s Own

This week, we will take a look at how you can create space for writing in your life – both on the inside and the outside.

You have a right to your own writing space. Your very own room, where everything you are and have brought with you fits in; where you can test your voice and your words, shape stories out of your experiences, your ideas and dreams; and where you can find your path forward in life.

This is a writing course where you will receive support to begin writing, as well as creating the foundation for your continued writing. But what you learn in this course is also to be applied to your everyday life. By making space for writing you are making space for yourself – how you want and need things to be now and in the future.


The starting point for this course and our methodology is that you decide. You have the right to make your own choices and to choose what feels good and right for you. You have the right to define everything that has to do with you and your history. There is nothing you must do during this course.

You have experienced situations or events where you didn’t have the opportunity to choose, where your choice was taken from you, where your power over a situation was taken from you. We know that it can take a long time to restore a feeling of freedom and empowerment afterwards. We have experienced similar situations ourselves.


This lesson is about creating a room of your own. It is about both an inner and an outer room. You will be supported to create the place and time to write – the outer room – so that you can devote time to yourself and your words, as well as examine what you can and want to do with them – the inner room.

Maybe you have a particular story you want to write down. It could be something you have experienced yourself, or simply something that feels important for you to get in writing, regardless of what it is about.

Perhaps you have a feeling that writing may become important for you, without really knowing how yet, and you want to begin the process of figuring it out.

Maybe you are longing for a room where you can be whole and where you can find a way to express that wholeness.

Maybe you aren’t sure why you chose to participate in this course, only that your intuition says it’s right.

You are going to learn about writing as craft and writing as a process and. The process especially will be emphasised.  Not performance and results – but how it feels to write and what you need to be able to write. Paying attention to the process is crucial in order for writing to be healing and sustainable.


A healing writing retreat

This is a modification of an exercise created by doctor and writing educator Diane Morrow, from Deena Metzger’s book Writing for Your Life. It is an exercise where you get to begin imagining your own space for writing.

Imagine that you receive a letter in your mailbox. When you open it, it contains an invitation to a healing writing retreat. The invitation says that you are given an opportunity to take a six-week break from everything that is going on in your life right now.

Everything related to work and studies has been taken care of and can wait. The children will be looked after and safe. Meetings or treatments have been rescheduled. People important to you have been informed. Every possible hindrance that could stand in the way of this retreat have been taken care of. Your home as well. Your plants will be watered, rooms vacuumed, refrigerator emptied and the mail picked up. The only thing you need to do is design this retreat.

Entertain the thought that everything is possible. That you will be able to let go of all the ongoing processes in your life during these weeks and travel to a place where you can dedicate yourself to you.

Use these questions to help you think about how you could design your retreat:


Where would you want to go?
What kind of weather would you want to have there? What kind of light?

What would you want close by? A café? A park? A library? A piano? A lake? Something else?
What kind of accommodations?
Would there be a big porch? A balcony?

Would you want to be alone there? The company of others? Do you prefer silence? Noise?
What kind of sounds can you find at this place? Smells? How does the sky look there? How does the air feel?

Where are you going to sleep? Eat?
What kind of food would you have in your refrigerator?
Where are you going to sit and write?
What are you going to do the first day of your retreat? On a typical day?
What are you going to want to write about while you are there?
Would you choose to have something special with you that is associated with your writing?

Try to design your healing writing retreat.

I am really looking forward to read about it, so please send it to before our first session.

See you soon


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